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Communications Specialist – Philadelphia, PA

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

* Coordinate communication requests from various internal stakeholders
* Manage and store various communication medium (i.e. presentations, press releases, talking points, etc.)
* Develop and execute material for (mainly internal) communication tasks, activities and events (e.g. dept updates, company-wide updates)
* Develop content / communication messages as appropriate for various program needs and channels
* Create and maintain communication plan / tracking mechanism for internal program wide communication activities
* Maintain integration with PMO (Project Management Office)
* Maintain integration with Project Leads
* Maintain integration with Corporate communications
* Review communications for consistency and accuracy across various communication channels
* Assist with the identification and tracking of the various internal and external stakeholders
* Assist with developing internal project identity

Skills Needed:

* Program Environment – comfort working in a dynamic and fluid environment with requests that may involve very quick turnaround, with little notice, and ambiguity
* Communication skills – verbal interaction and comfort with all levels of the organization, written concise messages in a variety of mediums, and facilitation skills necessary to support high-level of program engagement
* Presentation Development Tools – Ability to prepare, edit and modify Microsoft Powerpoint presentations at an advanced level of skill and under tight time frames
* All levels of Program Resource Interaction (from analyst to executive) – maintain appropriate presence and interaction during key meetings with program and corporate level executives
* Well Organized – ability to multi-task (preferably with work plan and communication planning skills)
* Relationship building – ability to form productive working relationships with various departments and individual personalities. ability to build consensus, establish trust, and foster culture change
* Presentation Development Execution – ability to capture key presentation requirements, develop and effective story board, leverage past examples, and develop a cohesive and executive level set of messages
* Analytical Focus – this role requires the individual to be able to not only capture program status at a current point in time, but be able to reconcile with past updates to identify inconsistencies and mitigate risk of incorrect representation. Furthermore, this individual must be able to ask difficult questions if the data does not seem right or a high-level financial build-up does not seem accurate.
* Attention to Detail – Must be able to identify inconsistencies across a presentation that is being used internally and externally. For example, in large complex project key data points are presented and often multiple times in one overview. It is not uncommon to find the information misrepresented and its important to stay detail focused and mitigate those issues where possible.
* Work Planning – general comfort using Microsoft Project and/or Excel-Based work planning methods to develop a comprehensive program communications plan to support the effort over the next 12 months
* Document management – Manage single repository of program communications, press articles, and publications of interest. Monitor trade press releases, leverage learning’s and developing ‘so what’ summaries with program members
* Meeting Planning and Coordination – experience in the preparation and conduct of program-wide meetings, informational meetings for employees with a wide range of participants, and engaging content and flow

Interested? Contact colleenm@innovativesys.com for more details.